Unitarian Universalism

These are books relating to the Seven Principles of UU.

The Stranger

  • Why didn’t people like Tomato when he first arrived?
  • Did Tomato have worth and dignity? Did the people who feared him?
  • When you first meet someone, what do you do?
  • Should we assume that people are bad, good, or neither?

The Lorax

  • Why is the Lorax upset with the Once-ler and his family?
  • What happens to the Lorax’s world when the Once-ler removes one piece?
  • Is the Once-ler affected by the pollution?
  • Who should get to decide what happens to the environment?
  • Does the Once-ler respect the interdependent web of life at the beginning of the book? Does he at the end?

Over the Deep Blue Sea

  • Why didn’t Pablo want to be friends with Akiko and Hiroshi?
  • Did the war affect the children directly?
  • Does it matter what the children’s parents and grandparents fought over? Why or why not?
  • What does it mean for us to seek a world community of peace, liberty, and justice? Is it possible to have all three?
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