Bedtime Story Secrets


My mom liked to buy anthologies to read to me when I was young.  The stories were short, so when I inevitably asked for another there was still time to read one.
Why you should love anthologies:

  • The stories are short.
  • They give your kids choices.
  • They often have interesting themes.
  • Some of the stories may be familiar, but others are bound to be new.

Click here for a list of anthologies.

Chapter Books

To help get your kids hooked on reading from a young age, it never hurts to take a leaf out of Scheherazade‘s book and leave them with cliff hangers. This way your kids will be excited to hear more of the story each successive night. One easy way to do this is by reading chapter books. There are of course hundreds of thousands of chapter books out there for children, but a few come with the beautiful art styles of picture books. If you’re not reading a chapter book, you can always choose good spots to stop for the night on your own.

Click here for a list of chapter books.

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